Monday, 1 March 2010

An Appeal frae tha hairt.

Mae love for mae ain native tongue cannae bae denied bae aa that know mae weel. Doon tha last wheen o year A hae tried mae level best tae pit forrit tha velue o tryin tae presarve tha Ullans/Ulster Scots Leid. Noo in mae humble opeenion if Ullans is tae become pairt o oor iverdey wye o life tha wye it ustae tae bae a loc o things mann change. Tha hale thing mann stert in tha pairts o tha country whaur it is still spake, it can niver bae gien its lead frae yins wha nether speak it nir yet alane unnerstaun it. Bae that A mane its nae use settin boords an mair boords in tha lake o Bilfawst, tha maak up o these boords made up o weel meanin beins wha widnae know Ullans if they met it in tha toon. They wull claim tae bae fu' o Academics an bae sae weel larned that they hae tha richt tae preach tae tha converted(native speakers). A hae a wee bit o news for them that nae doot hae a love for tha Ullans tongue an wush it naethin but guid. Hooiniver bae gane intae a fit o thraaness an taakin a noshun intae thaur heids that they kan maak a jab o tha Ullans withoot tha native speakers, they ir in mae opeenion aff thaur heids. Withoot native speakers they ir gantae maak a hale hash oot o oor moather tongue. Sae mae plea tae mae weel meanin freens an Ullans lovers dinnae maak an affront oot a tongue yese dinnae even speak. An tae tha yins wha still taak tha Ullans mine an ax yer poleetician whaur they staun on these metters afore ye gie yer voat tae onyboady. Keep it Ullans.


  1. Gye an gled tae see ye scrievin yinst mair. senn me the address o yer hoose an A'll senn ye yin o' oor cds whun they're oot.

  2. A'm gled anaa tae see ye bloggin frae tha hairt agane Chairlie. It pits me in mine o tha guid oul days afore money an power tuk ower!

  3. Thare's nae need for ye tae be feart fae ither fowk makkin a hail hash o yer mither tongue. Ye're daein a grand job o't yersel, sae ye are.