Friday, 5 February 2010

Tha demise o oor ain tongue.
Ower tha years A hae bane up tae mae neck in tryin tae pit forrit tha need tae dae somethin aboot tha decline o wur ain Ullans Language. Noo tha mair thaur haes bane a weethin o progress in tha wye forrit am beginnin tae loast heart. Tha rayson for this bein tha fect that thaur haes bane nae rale effort bae tha yins at tha heid o things tae taak is sayrious. Tha yins on tha grun wha spake tha tongue hae bane brenwashed intae thinkin that tha wye they taak is mill stane roon thaur neck. It wull shane jest bae a wye o taakin jest h'ard behin closed doars an lakely even then efter dark. Nae gret push haes bane pit on oor wake kneed poleeticians tae gie oor ain native tongue its richtfa place in the gret schame o things. Tha wye A see it is this, thaur is a hale rake o yins taakin aboot tha Ullans/Ulster Scots Language an a brev wheen o them ir agen it. But it cannae gae on lake this an bae left tae dee jest becaase yins wha ir pooer, an wha dinnae spake it, wud rether taak it aff tha 'life support machine' athagither. Mann they scunner mae wae thaur gran words o hollow support whun they ir starvin Ullans tae daith. Aff coorse wha am A in thaur een, jest an oul girn wae very little schulin an o nae threat tae them. Mann thaur richt but A know richtly A hae a tongue tae bae proud o that mae feyther an moather spake an thaur feyther an moather afore that. Sae tae aa wha hae ony sae in things in wur wee country, come on stap plaein tha oul doag an stert an dae somethin tae stap tha murther o oor ain tongue afore it is jest anither forgotten bit o oor disappearin herskip.


  1. For heivens sake uise a dictionar htp://

  2. That shoud be o coorse.

  3. Ye hae a point freen but is yins here in Ulster dinnae alwyes spell tha saime as Scots, but wae dae need a DICTIONARY
    Tha Poocher